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“Drugs don’t work in patients that don’t take them.”

Adherence is a major problem. For medications to be effective correct adherence to prescribing regimens is essential. Unfortunately, poor adherence is an issue, not only in clinical trials, but also in everyday clinical healthcare.

It is reported that only 50%-70% of prescription medicines are taken as prescribed; meaning 30%-50% are not. Poor adherence not only hinders disease control, but also leads to poorer quality of life for patients and places unnecessary financial burdens on healthcare systems. There are an estimated 200,000 avoidable deaths in the EU due to non-adherence, as well as €125 billion in the EU, and $105 billion in the US of unnecessary costs.

In clinical trials, it is very difficult to accurately estimate true adherence levels, which can lead to poor quality data being included in the analysis. Left unnoticed or undetected, this data can lower the study power and even reduce the overall treatment efficacy. It is critical that non-adherence is accurately identified and accounted for to ensure this does not adversely affect the outcome of a trial.

elucid web application

Pill Connect is a digital solution that provides control and monitoring for medicine management. The patented smart pill bottle is portable, simple to use, and provides automated dispensing for tablets or capsules.

Pill Connect is pre-programmed to unlock only when a dose is due. At this time patients will dispense their medication from a prompt on an app on their mobile phone. This dispensing data is collected and sent in real-time to a dedicated platform which monitors medicine adherence and engagement with the app.

‘Smart’ reminders can be tailored to patients based on their previous use and adherence history, in order to reduce reminder fatigue.

Missed doses are easy to identify not only through the data sent back to the data platform but also because any doses which have not been dispensed remain in the sealed bottle and cannot be manually removed by the patient after the dispensing window has closed.

An in-bottle temperature sensor constantly monitors and reports back whether medication is being kept at the correct temperature.

The Pill Connect mobile application helps patients adhere whilst providing the healthcare professional real time data on the patient’s usage. This enables the patients to forward plan and for the doctor to change the regime if it does not fit the patient’s life.

Ultimately, Pill Connect helps patients adhere to their prescription regimens, whist providing accurate, real-time data on non-adherence enabling intervention as and when necessary.

Pharma & Biotechs

Accurately monitor non-adherence and engagement and help patient’s access drugs as they have been prescribed. Remotely lock down the Pill Connect bottle if required.

Routine care

Receive accurate non-adherence data and analyse how it may be affecting patients’ treatment. Respond to missed dose events as soon as they occur.

High value drugs

Help patients to access their medicines on time. Program access rules to help to prevent adverse events.

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