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Advanced medicine packaging that provides simple to use access control and monitoring of each individual dose.

Elucid technology so far includes 2 patent grants and a number of pending applications.

Know when a patient misses a dose

Receive alerts when patients have not administered a dose and build an accurate audit of dispenses to identify non-adherence behaviours.

Make taking medicine easier and safer

Doses can only be accessed at prescribed times and the correct quantity is dispensed automatically.

Powerful non-adherence and engagement data

Generate novel data on patient's engagement with their dose container and each and every dispense.

Pharma & Biotechs

Accurately monitor non-adherence and engagement and help patients access your drugs as prescribed. Remotely lock down the container if required.

Routine care

See accurate non-adherence data to analyse how it may be affecting treatment. Respond to missed dose events as soon as they occur.

High value drugs

Help patients to access their medicine on time. Program access rules to prevent adverse events.

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