The Problem

Worldwide, non-adherence is a major obstacle to the effective delivery of health care.

Estimates from the World Health Organization indicate only 50% of patients with chronic diseases in developed countries follow treatment recommendations – even higher non-adherence in asymptomatic diseases and mental health conditions.

Our solution

pill connect benefit 1

Alert the patient to take medication

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Automated dispensing only at pre-set times

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Records non-compliance events

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Real time monitoring and reporting

One-click dispensing

Medicines are dispensed by a simple smartphone app.

The patient’s prescription is downloaded onto the app and the smartphone alerts the patient when a dose is due.

When a dose is due and the patient confirms they’re ready with a simple click, the app unlocks the container and automatically dispenses the correct quantity.

Real-time, accurate non-adherence data

Provides comprehensive real-time data to allow remote monitoring of a patient’s usage pattern and adherence.

Know precisely when a patient has not administered a dose, as soon as it occurs.

Prevent adverse effects

Common difficulties with medicine usage are removed e.g. incorrect timing, missed doses or accidental duplicate dosing.

Lock the device remotely.


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Company details

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